Learn to play the piano on your ipad. With BlockPiano piano lessons one to three persons can play on one iPad. 
  • If you donā€™t have real instruments for everybody, you can still do a lot with the BlockPiano app. Although the iPads are small, there is still enough room for learning and memorizing a song while waiting for the possibility to practice on a real piano or keyboard.
  • There are 3 versions of pianos in the BlockPiano piano lessons: for 1 to 3 players. The one player piano is the largest and is quite useful for rehearsing.
  • You get feedback when playing on the iPads own pianos the same way as in the BlockPiano game mode.
  • You can practice in a free tempo with the conductor mode.
  • Otherwise, the learning process is similar to learning on real pianos. Read more.

See the Tutorial video 1 for piano lessons.

See the Tutorial video 2 for piano lessons.