Learn to play the piano with the help of your ipad
  • When BlockPiano is used in your piano lessons, start learning a new song at first with the BlockPiano mode and conductor mode.
  • In piano lessons, you can try to play the song on a real piano already after practicing the first 4 bars in BlockPiano game mode.
  • Put your iPad on your piano’s music stand and choose the BlockPiano music stand mode from the menu page.
  • If your pupils are absolute beginners, let them all play the Piano 1 part. You can play the Piano 2 and 3 parts yourself. After a couple of months practice, you can give each player their own part to play.
  • It always helps if the teacher plays along with the students. At least at the beginning.
  • If you have more than three pupils at a time, group them according to the part they play, so that all players for Piano 1 work on their own iPad. Do the same with the two other parts.
  • Start rehearsing with lesson 1. Tap the play button and let your students see and hear their parts in a slow tempo. After that tap the center block notes and learn the lesson note by note.  
  • If all three piano seats are occupied and you need to stand behind the students, use the up/down button to move the central block on top of the iPad. This makes your teaching easier when standing.

See the tutorial video for the music stand mode and for playing on a real piano.