• If the tempo for a song seems too fast, try to play it in Conductor Mode in a slower tempo without the background band. Conductor Mode is also good for rehearsing difficult passages slowly.

  • When performing with many iPads, only one of the iPads will be playing in the BlockPiano Game Mode as a “master” iPad. It is a good idea to amplify it slightly (if possible). All the other iPads in Conductor Mode follow the “master”.

  • In Conductor Mode, let the most confident player be the conductor. BlockPiano reflects real life: if the conductor fails, the whole band fails…

  • You can also try to play with all iPads in BlockPiano Game Mode but this needs a very precise tap on the play button on all iPads in order to get them synchronized. But try it; it is good practice for concentration and accuracy! It helps to bring the background volume down to zero for all but one iPad.  


See the tutorial video for BlockPiano Conductor mode.

See a video for inspiration on how BlockPiano is used in a class.