How to accompany

In the first three song you accompany with one hand but from the fourth song on you play with both hands. Piano 2 is the right hand and piano 3 is the left hand. Push the play button and see how to accompany. Start with lesson 1 and a slow tempo.

At first you accompany with a single note and easy rhythms. You move step by step to two notes and then to triads. At first you play triads in root position, later on with inversions.. In the end you play 3 chord songs (I-IV-V7) with cool rhythms!

See the tutorial video for the Comp&Impro booklet


How to Improvise

You see in the menu page which song have a improvisation lessons. Choose a song and go to Music Stand Mode. You find the impro lessons as the last lessons in Music Stand Mode. Piano 1 shows you which notes to use in your own impro. 

Here's some ideas for your improvisation:

  • Listen to the background band and get in the groove!
  • Vary the note lengths: play both long notes and short notes.  
  • Repeat notes.
  • Repeat the same rhythm with different note combination
  • Vary your dynamics, play both loud and quite.
  • Be brave and creative!

See the tutorial video for the Comp&Impro booklet