Play in an ipad orchestra

The starting point was the desire to develop piano teaching towards a more social direction. Children and youngsters like to learn together with other people. In a group, learning is more interactive and cooperative.

This is also reflective of how music is at its best when played in ensembles and orchestras. The music sounds better and you learn to take responsibility for your own part in relation to your fellow musicians.

Play piano or keyboard in a group

BlockPiano can be used as a piano school for groups of beginners or as a side project in traditional individual teaching. For elementary schools, BlockPiano is a great way to learn note values, pulse and how to play together. I love the thought of seeing dozens of students playing BlockPiano in a concert. With 10 iPads, 30 people can perform. If you do that, please send us a video link!

Learn to play the  piano with the help of your ipad

As a contemporary pedagogical method, BlockPiano approaches music through rhythm. This gives learning a solid start. Even the easiest song comes to life when the rhythm is steady and strong.

Rhythm is very often secondary in music teaching for beginners. But there is no reason for this. Rhythm brings joy and meaning to music, and it makes you feel like a real musician from the very beginning. I hope that BlockPiano can spread this joy to as many people as possible!