At home

Play music with your family

Test your own or your child's musical motivation while playing the greatest hits of all times. Play BlockPiano before investing in traditional intruments and teachers.

At piano lessons

Piano school for 3 players and 6 hands

BlockPiano brings energy to your piano and music lessons! Play the BlockPiano’s “piano lessons” and learn a song step by step on a real piano. Both beginners and more advanced pianists enjoy the BlockPiano music selection. 

All arrangements for six hands are available as printable sheet music. 


At school

An Ipad orchestra with the whole class

BlockPiano is a great way to learn note values, pulse and how to play together.

Up to three persons can play on one iPad. At first, the trios can practice by themselves, and in the end, the whole class can perform together.

You can also teach the whole class to play two songs on the piano in 8 weeks. Read more.

New! With the new "Comp&Impro" booklet you learn how to play chords, accompany and improvise in a fun and creative way. Play the 14 cool song and master 3 chord songs (I-IV-V7) and basic improvisation skills.